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    Etiquettes to Follow While Hiring the Escort Service Are you planning to make the first call to the escort service? Have you never hired any escort service before? Then this article is just meant for you. There are numerous lovely escorts available in Ramnagar who can be your adult companion for a night or for a few nights. Some of these escorts operate as independent Ramnagar escorts and some operate through the Ramnagar escort services. But whatever option you choose, it is important to be familiar with the escort etiquettes to develop and maintain quality relationships with the escorts. Surprised? But this is true. The adult escort industry strictly follows some ground rules and to have a good experience, it is important that you should also be knowledgeable from the rules right from the beginning. Now let’s start. Be courteous: The escorts always respect their clients more than the clients do. So, if you consider her as a professional, then she will be more open and more attractive. Besides, this will also increase her confidence level. Maintain the courtesy even while negotiating the rate. Never ask for a cheap rate as this can be disrespectful to the girl. Besides, in case you become explicit while talking to the escorts, especially in case of the independent escorts, they may hang up on you. So, impress her with your behavior and have a really great time.